Milk is a reservoir of nutrients and thus it becomes of prime importance to consume it on a daily basis, so that the body gets the essential nutrients required by the body. Not only is milk a fabulous source of calcium, but also it provides the body with high quality proteins that contain the essential ammo acids, which the body is incapable of producing by itself. Well, the versatility of milk is not yet over. Milk also helps in meeting the body's requirement for vitamins. One glass of milk contributes about 44% to our daily-recommended vitamins intake. So, make it a part of your routine to drink milk everyday, so as to promote your health fitness. In addition to all these it's also a good stimulant for the body, the natural reason why milk is used as the opening drink for newly wedded couples in Indian tradition. The average composition of cow's milk is 87.2% water, 3.7% milk fat, 3.5% protein, 4.9% lactose, and 0.7% ash.

Gopika diary farm goes a step further to assure the quality of milk by adapting the following stringent quality check before the milk reaches the consumer.

Pasteurization Gopika milk is real, wholesome milk, which is made available by using a revolutionary processing and packaging procedure. Pasteurization is the process of heating milk, to a temperature between 55 and 70 degrees C (131 and 158 degrees F), to destroy harmful bacteria without materially changing the composition, flavor, or nutritive value of it. Gopika Milk is pasteurized by heating at a temperature of 75 degrees C to 80 degree C for 30 minutes, rapidly cooling it, and then storing it at a temperature below 6 degrees C

The Gopika advantage Homogenization

Gopika milk is homogenized to reduce the size of the remaining milk fat particles. This prevents the milk fat from separating and floating to the surface as cream. It also ensures that the milk fat will be evenly distributed through the milk. The hot milk from the pasteurizer is pressurized to 2,500-3,000 psi (17,200-20,700 kPa) by a multiple-cylinder piston pump and is forced through very small passages in an adjustable valve. The shearing effect of being forced through the tiny openings breaks down the fat particles into the proper size. The milk is then quickly cooled to 40° F (4.4° C) to avoid harming its taste. During processing the fat content of the milk is adjusted, various vitamins are added, and potentially harmful bacteria are killed. This process keeps Goika milk fresh longer while unopened, under proper refrigeration. Gopika milk comes without removing butter so that you can make the most delicious coffee, tea and curd. That means more cup of tea/coffee from one litre Gopka. 'Fresh from farm, true value for money'. Bring home the Gopika advantage!

• No more layer formation over milk
• More tea/cofee can from each liter Gopika milk
• Gopika milk comes without removing butter so that you can make more delicious coffee/tea, palada payasam

Gopika milk comes in five varieties:-

Cow milk which contains 3.5% fat and 8.5% SNF © Toned milk which contains 3% fat and 8.5% SNF ©Double toned milk which contains 1.5% fat and 9% SNF O Standardised milk which contains 8.5% fat and 4.5% SNF* © Flavoured milk

Chairmans message

At Gopika we are passionate to provide the safest and highest quality product to the consumer through our delicious range of products that include milk, Leban, ice-cream, flavoured milk, ghee and rice. With our range of products now stocked in all major supermarkets nationwide, we believe our success is down to our passion for working in harmony with nature and our commitment to use only the best natural ingredients to create gorgeous products that taste as ravishingly good as they look. And, once you’ve tried just one mouthful of any of our great tasting food products, we’re sure you will agree - Gopika tastes better, naturally! Of course, at the heart of what we do remains a genuine passion and belief in natural goodness and a dedication to produce the most delicious tasting products with a stylish delivery – these values ensure that Gopika remains the gold standard of quality dairy products.

The Quality check

To provide the safest and highest quality product to the consumer, the Gopika group provides standardized guidelines. The PMO is a document from the United States Departments of Health and Human Services and Public Health, and the Food and Drug Administration that defines practices relating to milk parlor and processing plant design, milking practices, milk handling, sanitation, and standards for the pasteurization of Grade A milk products. Each state regulates their own dairy industry, but the state's guidelines usually meet or exceed those defined by the PMO. Milk that is shipped between states must follow the PMO regulations. 
Milk is obtained from the cow under sanitary conditions and cooled to 45°F (7°C) within 2 hours of milking. Milk is picked up by a handler who takes a sample and then pumps the milk from farm's bulk tank into the milk truck. A handler may pick up milk from more than one farm, so a truck load may contain milk from several farms when it is delivered to the processing plant. Before the milk can be unloaded at the processing plant, each load is tested for antibiotic residues. If the milk shows no evidence of antibiotics, it is pumped into the plant's holding tanks for further processing. If the milk does not pass antibiotic testing, the entire truck load of milk is discarded and the farm samples are tested to find the source of the antibiotic residues. Regulatory action is taken against the farm with the positive antibiotic test. Positive antibiotic tests are rare, and account for far less than 1% of the tank loads of milk delivered to processing plants. Milk at the plant is stored at less than 45°F (7°C) and is usually processed within 24 hours, but can held for up to 72 hours (3 days) before processing. Longer holding time allows for growth of spoilage organisms that grow at refrigerator temperatures, called psychographs.

The Success story

Founded by the eponymous Mr.K K Parameshwaran, the inspiring story of Gopika group begins many years ago starting from dairy farms. His vision had inadvertently created a market for Gopikas’ various products. Spurred on by diary’s success, we began researching old recipes for more dairy products, including leban, ice-cream, ghee, flavoured milk and rice, all of which have become much loved, household favourites. Thus the well established group was born, paving the way for all of us who care about food and where it comes from. The rest, as they say, is history!

Gopika group was founded in 1998 as an independent organization dedicated to the establishment of quality dairy products at reasonable price throughout the households of Kerala. At all stages of our history we have worked tirelessly with a goal to achieve quality, integrity and innovation at all levels and the continued success of the group’s foothold in dairy, rice and hospitality industry proves testimony to the aforesaid statement. Quality and integrity have always been the hallmarks of Gopikas’ success, with years of experience in making premium dairy and various food products. Our guiding light, Mr. K K Parameshwaran, Gopika founder instills a great pride in creating the finest dairy products to meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers. Time again, it’s the same pride that drives Gopika Diary Farms to use only the highest quality milk, from its hand-picked dairy farms spread across Puthura Gowdan Palyam(TN) and Salem. The result is the freshest milk products available with no added hormones and no antibiotics. From fresh milk products, which consist of flavoured milk, curd, ghee, leban, ice cream to rice, Gopika is recognized for its excellence and traditional wisdom in producing, and marketing quality food products all across Kerala.

Company Profile 

Gopika group is focused on offering long - term solutions through superior service. This ten year old company has achieved significant milestones in a highly competitive food industry. The group is today credited with remarkable growth even as it continues to build concrete bonds that reflect long-term relationships, marking its unmistakable presence in the food industry. Adept at withstanding winds of change, the group is now headed by Mr. K P Anilkumar and Mr. K P Arunkumar. Under their prime leadership and guidance, there is always a consistent effort to adopt and absorb the latest technology and management techniques in processing & marketing of several brands. Gopika group with years of experience; have developed quality control processes, to protect its clients' investments and interests. Our experience has proven our excellence time again in the field of: -



We believe that skillful planning; a blend of careful research and professional foresight can overcome many a milestone in food industry. Our staff is seasoned enough to comprehend the extent and viability of the project, take on challenges and achieve perfection that ends with a longstanding relationship with the customer.


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